Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deep-Fried Maple Leaves Are a Popular Snack in Japan

Maple Tempura is a fall delicacy that originated 1000 years ago in Japan.  Before you grab the rakings from your back yard for a tv snack here is the process:

  • The leaves are  selected and preserved in salt barrels for over a year. 
  • Then, they’re removed from the salt and dipped in a batter made from flour, sesame seeds and sugar. 
  • These batter-coated leaves are then deep fried for over 20 minutes, until crisp.
  • Enjoy!

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How It's Made - Jawbreakers

You'll never put another one of these in your mouth after seeing how they're made.

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Graffiti Artist Has Fun With Graffiti Removal Guy

A graffiti artist has an ongoing dialogue with the graffiti removal guy that continues each time his work is erased. This is how it begins:

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He Is Scarface

Scarface, Singapore's feline celebrity, is not just another pretty face. In fact his face is covered with scars from fights with other street cats. He was rescued and treated for the wounds on his face. Once healed, his photos were posted to Facebook, where, as of this day, he has  2K likes. Fondly known as Scar, his page says his favourite activities include eating, sleeping and bullying the dog.

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Only Female Aboard Doomed Mary Rose Was Actually Male

Nearly 500 years ago Henry VIII's ill-fated flagship, the Mary Rose sunk killing the crew and Hatch, the ship's dog.

Hatch's remains were excavated from the Tudor ship after it was brought to the surface of the Solent in 1982 and went on display four years ago at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth. The scrappy sea dog was thought to be the only female aboard the ship but DNA testing of the crew has revealed the that Hatch was a actually a male.

Sally Tyrrell of the Mary Rose Museum said: "Study of the 179 crew recovered from the ship confirms that they were all male, suggesting the historic preference for an all-male crew on board an active warship can be taken back to the 16th century – including the ship's dog."

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Dutch inventor Nico Nijenhuis has created a flock of remote-controlled falcons and eagles to rid croplands, airports, dumps and the like of geese, gulls and other pesky birds. The robobirds use flapping wing flight as a means of propulsion, with a flight performance comparable to real birds.

In a series of test flights at waste sites in the Netherlands, prototype Robirds reduced pest bird populations by up to 75 percent over time. Tests at airports—birds collided with aircraft in the United States some 11,300 times in 2013 alone—are set for spring of next year.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Grand Canyon Just A Big Hole With Views

ShadowBun has matched text from one-star Yelp reviews of national parks with pictures of the parks.

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"Photoshopping" in the 1930s

Joan Before

Photographer George Hurrell shot the above portrait of actress Joan Crawford as a publicity shot for the 1931 film Laughing Sinners. He then passed the photograph to a retoucher named James Sharp, who spent six hours smoothing skin, removing spots, and erasing wrinkles. Sharp used a retoucher machine, which backlit and vibrated the original negative, allowing Sharp to physically smooth out the film using a pencil. Below is the retouched photo:

Joan After

This animated GIF created by Redditor 1SweetChuck shows the changes:

The Evolution Of The Living Room - And The Light Bulb

Here's a clever ad. Over the decades our homes have changed: TVs get flattened, furniture evolves, people's clothes follow trends, etc. but the light bulb stayed the same - until Philips smart Hue light bulbs.

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