Sunday, September 21, 2014

How Will You Die?

Depending on where you're born, cooking dinner, having sex and going to the bathroom are either three of life's many pleasures - or three of the riskiest things you can do.

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Blindfolded Art

Did you ever wonder if cartoon artists drew their characters so often they could probably do it with their eyes closed?  Here are some illustrations from 1947  that show some cartoon artists suck at drawing their characters while blindfolded and others do almost as well with their eyes covered.

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Route 66 Marble Track System

The Swiss-made Cuboro marble track system forces marbles through a slotted course created out of modular building blocks.  This ball track, customized by  Dietmar W├Ąchtler, is named "Route 66" because it uses 66 marbles.


‘This Wine Is Fine'

In 1950 Dr. Mario Pei of Columbia University wrote The Story of Language, a book that explains how how different cultures use different gestures to signal the same idea. A gesture that’s completely harmless in one context might be deeply offensive in another.
“There are some 700,000 gestures tucked away in different parts of the world,” LIFE wrote. For example, a gesture that means “So long!” in some Latin countries (palm up, fingers moving back and forth) is very similar to the American gesture for “Come here.” A tugging of an eyelid by a Brazilian signals the warning, “He’s a wise guy,” but the same gesture by a Colombian can mean, in effect, “That’s wonderful!”
"'This wine is fine,' these five agree. The Sicilian standing at left pinches his cheek
to show his pleasure; the American girl in center makes a sign of satisfaction
with familiar gesture. Brazilian at right pinches the lobe of his ear,
the seated French girl kisses her fingers, and the Colombian at lower right
 happily pulls eyelid."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nick Barclay’s Classic Cocktails

English graphic designer, Nick Barclay, was struck by Sydney's thriving cocktail scene i. Says he of the negroni: “It’s the only cocktail that’s really suitable for a man to drink because it’s in a nice manly glass and it’s so bloody strong.” Barclay was inspired to create poster designs based on cocktail recipes, shaped like the appropriate glass.

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Remixed Victorian Woodcuts

Olex Oleole tumblr is a running feed of weird remixes of Victorian woodcuts.

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Time for Tea Clock

Rebecca Wilson's Time For Tea clock features 12 classic British cookies as porcelain numerals. As a kid I always liked Peek Frean biscuits and thought they were the classiest cookies on the grocery shelf. Today their dark chocolate digestives are my fallback when I run out of jaffa cakes and hobnobs and I love this clock.

Available for $159  Here


Tiny Toolsets as Jewelry

Whitebeam Studio's Toolsets series of jewelry are made from stainless steel and come in a variety of designs including knife sets, the GTA set and measuring tools that come in their very own toolbox!

From $60

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Alkmaar Then and Now

Dutch photographer Frits de Beer, Tara Rikkers and Michael de Vreugd created this video of the Dutch city of Alkmaar in 2014. After identifying locations that have remained relatively unchanged over the past century, Beer matched up the exact angle and framing that was captured in a film made in1914.

Alkmaar 100 jaar, Tara Rikkens, Michael de Vreugd from fritsdebeer on Vimeo.

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Shakespeare: Original Pronunciation

David and Ben Crystal explain what Open Pronunciation would have sounded like and demonstrate pieces of Shakespeare’s work using the dialect.

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