Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Trout That Stole the Rainbow

In this 1982 short animation,the world loses its colours when a trout, obsessed by the beauty of the rainbow, steals it from the sky. A vibrant, beautifully illustrated fable about how the rainbow trout got its name.

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Smokerless Smoked Chicken

Easy crispy-skinned smoky chicken cooked inside without a smoker. I'm going to try it.

Thoughts on Romance From the Road

In her series Thoughts on Romance From the Road American photographer Victoria Crayhon posts her inner thoughts on old cinema marquees instead of on social media.

‘I think I am making fun of the insatiable need to ‘update one’s status’ in the various ways we do it’, she says. ‘The texts come from my rephrasing of my own memories of thoughts and conversations within past or current relationships, ad campaigns, made-up truisms, quotes from particularly ridiculous celebrity interviews, snippets from ‘romance’ stories from vintage women’s magazines, movie or TV character titles or dialogue, all sorts of things like that’.


Take Me To School

A powerful image created by New York-based Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu. I love her work.

Women in Autochrome

A collection of amazing color portrait photos of women from the early 20th century; these photographs were made on color photographic Autochrome plate technology.

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