Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Interactive Map Of Barcelona

Barcelona, originally known as Barcino, was founded around 200 BC. BIG TIME BCN is an interactive map of the city that highlights the age of urban plots contrasted with the city's architectural heritage.The map, by created by the design firm 300,000 Km/s covers more than 2,000 years of history, nearly 70,000 plots and 3,000 protected monuments. Pop-up windows show photos and information about each monument.


A tout vapeur by Apolonis...

A tout vapeur by Apolonis

Paris Here I Come

I'm off to Paris in a few days and am posting this to get myself pumped up.

Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris} from House of Nod on Vimeo.

The music: LES SANS CULOTTES. You can visit their website at
Cinematography and Editing: Robert Kolodny
Produced by Bennett Elliott
A House of Nod Production

Monday, April 21, 2014

Micro Robots Making Things!

 SRI International's magnetically activated micro robots actually manufacture products.


London In Motion

London In Motion- A Short Timelapse/Hyperlapse video from Lewis Symonds on Vimeo.

Lewis Symonds who filmed and edited this video is a 16 year old student at Wellington College, Uk.
Over 5 days he took a total of 10,600 pictures, 7,500 of which appear in the final video.


American Odyssey, A Wonderful Photographic Journey

This collection of postcards are from the private collection of Marc Walter. The Detroit Photographic Company produced these images between 1888 and 1924 using a photolithographic process that predated the autochrome by nearly 20 years. They appear in American Odyssey by Sabine Arque and Marc Walter

Grand Canyon, view from O'Neill's Point, Arizona

Magnolia-on-the-Ashley, Charleston

Mulberry Street, New York

Images: Collection Marc Walter/Courtesy TASCHEN

More: The Guardian

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Skanking, Lesson By Tony Verity

Ska Documental in 'Sombrero Club' With Byron Lee & The Dragonaires. Jamaica 1964.

The Egg Painter

This docu-short offers a glimpse into the art and craft of egg painting in Ciocanesti, a small village in Romania's northern region of Bukovina.


Bungie The Bulldog

Bungie was a world-famous British Bulldog. In 1936 he came to Toronto during a heatwave and died! So why did Bungie drop dead?

Now he is one of many animals in the Royal Ontario Museum's taxidermy collection.

Via  Smithsonian Channel

Behold the Apollo 70!

The Apollo 70 is a tricked out Airstream Land Yacht that serves as a mobile bar/food truck for corporate events. How wonderful is this?

Champagne or cocktails, locally sourced beers or beers of the world, Belgium chocolates and pastries or Americana gourmet street food - the choice is yours.